Beautiful Rico Espinet Chandelier

28 Jun

We found this gorgeous photograph of a Rico Espinet Candelaria Chandelier from a remodel project in San Francisco. The entire Candelaria collection is available now. Use the code RELIGHT for $30.00 off your order of Candelaria.




Photo: Thomas Kuoh Photography

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I Love Lamp

5 Apr

A little clip from the classic movie Anchor Man. Brick loves carpet, desk and lamp. We love carpet, desk and lamp too!



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Contest Winner

2 Apr

We ran a contest a few months ago and I just ran into this post by the winner! She chose the ever popular Delta table lamp in the Pumpkin color and put it in front of this gorgeous raw wood wall piece. The navy art work goes great with it too. Thanks Jenny!


Get your own Delta Lamp in any of the amazing, bright colors now!

Price Increase Going on Now

29 Mar

Our suppliers have sent out price increases ahead of the 2012 spring show in Highpoint. Because of this, we will be raising prices as well. Price changes are taking place throughout the site, so please get your orders in now if you’d like to take advantage of the old pricing.

For example, right now the beautiful Delta Lamp is $150 and will be increased to $168. Get these items at the old prices and save a bit for yourself!

I Love Retro : A Pinterest

8 Sep

Obviously everyone is obsessed with Pinterest right now. It’s a great site that lets you create pinboards of images that you love. We’ve created one that is full of fun retro images. Specifically Neutra houses in Palm Springs and some photographs from Slim Aarons. Take a look and follow us to see what else we find.

Follow this board on Pinterest: I Love Retro


i love retro pinterest

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Delta Lamp Give Away

6 Sep

We’re doing our first giveaway in conjunction with Amber at the fabulous Amber Interiors blog. Enter to win the extremely popular Delta Lamp. They’re gorgeous! Made in the USA, ceramic glazed base, 23 inches tall (that’s a big lamp!), including polished nickel accents and come with an oyster linen shade. The winner will get their choice of 11 colors. No tax, no shipping charges.


Good Luck!


Delta Table Lamp



Even if you don’t win, don’t worry! We’re offering 15% off of your entire order if you use the code “amber” for a limited time.

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Alpine Bunk Room With Jonathan Adler Sconce

6 Sep

This bunk room is fantastic. It looks like it’s in an alpine chalet somewhere, with the snowy slopes out the windows. The hard wood used to make the railing and the drawers underneath is a great look. The steps seem easier to navigate than a straight up ladder and the configuration allows for some privacy. It also looks like these are full size or even queen beds making for extra room. I also love bunk rooms that have individual lighting for each bed.

Someone sent me this image because it was using the [bigcommerce link=”Jonathan-Adler-Ceramic-Giraffe-Wall-Sconce”]Ceramic Giraffe Wall Sconce by Jonathan Adler [/bigcommerce] for the lighting in each bunk and I just love that. It’s adds that little extra bit of wit in this space.


jonathan adler giraffe sconce bunks

Another great thing about this room is the colors that are used. The white bedding with the jewel toned pillows and headboards look great. The amethyst, rust and emerald of the headboards and pillows and then the cranberry of the desk chair are earthy and cozy. Bright white fluffy bedding and large area rug makes it even more inviting.

The Giraffe sconces by Jonathan Adler are available in left-facing and right-facing. They’re 26 inches tall, so they make a statement. Plus, they’re made in the USA.

The body material is a white ceramic and the shade has a rolled-edge hem, in white linen. They’re currently available with free shipping for a short time.

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Jonathan Adler, Jeffrey Lewis and Andy Cohen Together?

4 Sep

On a recent BravoTV web exclusive,  Jeff Lewis and Jenny from “Flipping Out” go to NYC and critique the decor in Andy Cohen’s office. The network exec got a bit of a ribbing from the designer and his kooky assistant. While the office was truly a bit of a mess, the seating area was actually quite cute. You can watch the video below. What’s interesting to note is that Andy has the Jonathan Adler blue Capri tall table Lamps flanking his sofa. They look great and are a great choice, but that office definitely needs a bit of a clean up and rearrange. For starters he needs a bigger desk! What would you do to improve Andy’s office?


The great thing about the capri lamp is not only it’s lovely, tall shape and pretty, glossy shade, but the wonderful color choices. It’s available in retro classic colors such as green, grey, white, orange and the blue that Andy Cohen has in his office. It’s over 33 inches tall, which is why it looks great on each side of Andy’s sofa. It really helps bring the eye up when it’s placed on an end table, desk or console.

You can see the lamps in the background. The one of the left is askew!  For shame, Andy Cohen. For shame.


I have to admit, Jeff Lewis looks a little bit like a kid who got sent to the principal’s office in this one. But the capri lamp and bottle of champagne look great!

In all honesty, Andy Cohen’s office probably needs a makeover, but the lamps can stay.


[bigcommerce link=”Jonathan-Adler-Capri-Tall-Table-Lamp”]Jonathan Adler Capri Tall Table Lamp[/bigcommerce]


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Intro Post!

8 Aug

It looks like we’re up and running on the blog front and our store will be coming shortly. We’re just putting on the finishing touches to the store. Of course choosing beautiful, unique and interesting decor items was the easy part. The inventory management, data entry, design, coding and tech stuff was the hard part. Just a few more pieces to clean up and then we’ll be live!

We can’t wait to show you the store, but for now, just a little hint of what is to come.